Meet Your Photographers

We’re adventurous. And we mean it.

We live in Salt Lake City but our real home is outside. We spend a lot of our free time exploring public lands in our beat up Suburban, with the windows down and our dog Sam in the backseat. Our summers are spent sunburnt and driving wherever the next dirt road takes us (don’t worry, we see a dermatologist!) and our winters are spent the same way… except we’re much more pale and it’s at least 60 degrees colder out.

These adventures mean that we have a LONG list of fun, beautiful locations that other photographers don’t. Want to get your pictures overlooking Ireland-esque cliffs? Want a canyon vista, without the expensive park fees? Want a scene straight out of Edward Abbey’s dreams? We have you covered, friend.

And that’s what sets us apart.


Firm believer waffles are a meal for any time of day. Will drive with the windows down a music blasting even when it’s 30 degrees. Lover of folk music and T-Swizzle. Doggos make the world go round.


Will only wake up before 8am if skiing is on the menu. Believes that anything is better with a beer in hand. Wishes he could be an opera singer. Also a great cook.


Nervous but adorable. Will go crazy if you give him “the look”. Definition velcro dog. 11/10 would boop.