Your Elopement Experts

We’re adventurous. And we mean it.

We live in Salt Lake City but our real home is outside. We spend a lot of our free time exploring public lands in our beat up Suburban, with the windows down and our dog Sam in the backseat. Our summers are spent sunburnt and driving wherever the next dirt road takes us (don’t worry, we see a dermatologist!) and our winters are spent the same way… except we’re much more pale and it’s at least 60 degrees colder out.

These adventures mean that we have a LONG list of fun, beautiful locations that other photographers don’t. Want to get your pictures overlooking Ireland-esque cliffs? Want a canyon vista, without the expensive park fees? Want a scene straight out of Edward Abbey’s dreams? We have you covered, friend.

And that’s what sets us apart.



Hi friend! I’m Aly. I grew up on seven acres of dense forest in New Hampshire, and my childhood was spent exploring. I couldn’t be kept inside. Every day after school I would come inside, throw my backpack on the ground, run back outside and disappear into the woods until it got dark. Whenever a friend came over, I would drag them into the woods with me and we would explore my amazing, beautiful 7-acre world together. When I was 15, I started bringing my dad’s old camera along with me on my adventures, and, well… the rest is history.

I’ve had the love of bringing people into nature, exploring together, and photographing our adventures since I was a child, so I’m stoked to share this love with you to help make your wedding day epic! Can’t wait to adventure together!



Sam— aka Sammy or Sammy boy— is an avid cuddler, is great at hide-and-seek (but only when he’s nervous), and his goal in life is to become an excavator machine. When left unattended for more than three minutes, he spends his time honing his excavation skills by digging holes halfway to China, both in our backyard and in our house (RIP Staircase Carpet, 2015-2017). He’s worked through extreme anxiety but will still be nervous when he meets you, but he’ll warm up in 20 minutes or so… especially if you have some jerky.



When it comes to trudging about through thick brush, scrambling up crumbly dirt walls or just getting lost, few have me beat. My name is Justin and I’ve made it through the years of my life waiting for the next moment I could get away to the place I’ve always felt most at home. Whether it was with my family, boy scouts or just in my own backyard, my imagination and love for adventure has always led me back to the outdoors. One of my best childhood memories is of me waking up after a night out camping, rolling over in my sleeping bag and wishing I didn’t have to leave.

Finding a home in the outdoors is something I have been able to do for my entire life, and the best part of being an elopement photographer is helping couples find a home in the outdoors that they can share together.



Stella gives the best kisses, loves long walks on the beach, and is an experienced foodie (aka she steals food and isn’t at all sorry about it). Aly rescued her from a kill shelter in 2014 and she has probably spent most of the past five years sleeping in one of her many weird sleeping positions. Twice a year she sheds enough fur to make multiple Pomeranians. She’s a stubborn, independent princess who knows how cute she is, and uses that to her advantage. If humans are around, she will be getting pets— whether you want to pet her or not.