You're Engaged... Now What? Three Things to Do ASAP

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re officially engaged. We know you have a ton on your mind and so much to think about… so we made this handy dandy post to help you navigate the most important things to do when you get engaged!

1. Set a budget and start figuring out what style you want your wedding to be.


This one might be the most stressful— wedding prices can add up quick! From the major expenses like dress and venue to the little ones like table decor and favors, there are many costs to factor into your budget. The sooner you set a budget with your fiancee, the easier it will be to stick to it. Figure out your top three most important expenses and go from there, prioritizing things and figuring out where you may be able to cut costs. Head over to our blog post on cutting costs at your wedding to get some ideas!

2. Pick a photographer.


There are SO many options you have when you’re deciding on a photographer. Usually you’ll want to have the same photographer for your engagements and wedding, so this is one of the first choices you should make. Remember that you want to find someone who you mesh with— after all, you’ll be spending your wedding day with them and communicating a lot beforehand. Take time to find the right photographer and research what the average cost of wedding photography is in your area so you know what to expect. Do some Google searches for photographers in your area and try to be as specific as possible. Other places to search are Instagram (search #YourLocationWeddingPhotographers) and local wedding websites. Here in Utah we have as well as We are a preferred Utah Valley Bride photographer— any preferred vendors must uphold professional standards, so choosing a photographer from a local wedding site is a really good way to be confident that you will have a professional wedding photography experience! Here are some other things you need to think about and ask before officially choosing a photographer. For more advice, check out our blog post on picking a wedding photographer.

  • What style you want your pictures to be

    • Decide if you want someone who mainly focuses on getting “the pose”, or if you want a more documentary-style photographer. Both are great, it’s just up to you to decide your personal preference!

  • What type of editing you prefer

    • Some examples include a high-fashion look, dark & moody tones, and light & airy tones. Ask to see the photographer’s portfolio before booking to be positive their photos will be the right style for you.

  • How professional is the photographer

    • ASK QUESTIONS! Do they have insurance, use contracts, and have a back-up plan in case they are suddenly unable to make it?

    • How much experience do they have photographing weddings?

  • Travel fees & if they’re included

    • You might find your dream photographer but they live somewhere else. That’s okay! Most wedding photographers travel and would love to do your wedding even if you live in a different state or even a different country. Make sure if you find a photographer who will be traveling to you that you discuss travel fees and whether they’re included in the cost of the wedding.

  • Turnaround time

    • When do you want to get your wedding pictures back? Some photographers will have your wedding sent to you in a few weeks while others may take six months. Make sure you talk about this and are comfortable with the photographer’s answer before going forward. Remember: if you’re unhappy with the answer now, you’ll be even more unhappy when you don’t get your pictures when you want them.

  • Primary and second shooters

    • Will the photographer be the one photographing your day or will it be an associate? If they’ll be doing it, do they have an assistant or second photographer that will be working with them?



This is something many people don’t think of right away. Your ring is most likely your prized possession now and you would be devastated if something happened to it. Luckily, there’s insurance for that! There are specific jewelry insurance companies, and many homeowners policies have the option of ring insurance for an additional cost as well. Generally the rule is that ring insurance will cost $1-$2 for every $100. So, if your ring cost $5,000, your policy would cost $50-$100 a year to insure it. Talk to a few different insurance providers to find a policy that suits your needs. Some providers to check out are Jewels Mutual, Lavalier, JINBA, Allstate, and State Farm. Remember to read the fine print before you sign anything.

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