Annalise + Robbie Utah Adventure Couples Session

Okay guys…. Annalise and her husband Robbie were SO much fun to work with. Annalise and I had messaged on instagram but never met in person until the session. It was kind of cloudy in the valley the day of the session so I was watching the weather like a HAWK. It said there was a 25% chance of rain at 8pm. We get there at 5:00 and guess what? It was freaking raining.

Luckily it was only a drizzle, but it was probably around 40 degrees out and kind of windy so the weather was not pleasant, to say the least. Luckily Annalise and Robbie were troopers and we had a ton of fun together! Unfortunately, the rain clouds made it get dark like 30 minutes earlier than it would’ve otherwise so by the end of the session it was pretty dark and blue. Buuuuut LUCKILY I’m a #LightroomMaster (I’m also #humble 😉) so I was able to recover the pictures and they all look amazing. I love how the session turned out and am so happy to have made friends with Annalise and Robbie.

On the way home I was a little upset about the weather, but Justin reminded me that during the session, as I was jumping around and giving them prompts and guidance, Robbie commented that I have a really good energy. So that was definitely a mood booster since I was bummed about the weather. Another thing that has made me SO happy is seeing the captions Annalise posts with these pictures. This is one of the posts she made right after getting the pictures back:


“After we wrapped ourselves up Aly asked me, “Annalise, now tell Robbie why he’s important to you.” What she didn’t know, was that him and I were heatedly arguing just seconds before this shoot. Tears welled in my eyes as I thought about all the reasons and things he does for me that make him so important in my life. Between my tears, I squeaked out, “You’re important to me because you’re my very best friend, you take care of me, and you love me unconditionally. That’s why you’re important to me.” I love you so so much Robbie . 🧡And Thank you Aly, for bringing me back to the meaning of our love. (zoom in you can see the tears trickling down my face.😭🧡)”

Emotions and reactions like this are why I stick with photography even through an oversaturated market, self doubt, and the sometimes-unhealthy-competition between photogs. What can I say? I love love 🖤

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