Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers.

These are a few of the questions we get most often, check them out and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more!


About Our Business

How long have you been photographers?

Aly started photography when she was twelve and has been a paid photographer for six years. Justin has been in photography for about three.

Do you travel out of state for sessions or weddings?

We love traveling and would love to shoot with you regardless of where you live! If you’re outside of Utah, travel will be factored in to your session cost.

Do you do anything besides couples and weddings?


To keep ourselves as sane as possible, we’ve worked to limit our business to what’s listed on our site. It can get really hectic trying to keep up with (and be our best at) many different kinds of photography. If you’re looking for a session we don’t offer, we would love to refer you to a photographer with a similar style who will suit your needs better.

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How do you price weddings?

All of our wedding packages are custom because every wedding day is different! We want to make sure that you get the coverage you want which means most of our pricing is customized to meet your unique needs. We will work with you to figure out exactly what you need and price based on things like location, amount of guests, and how many hours you’d like coverage of. Your price not only factors in those things, but also the cost of our time spent traveling, shooting, and editing, as well as the cost of things required to run our business (equipment maintenance, insurance, taxes, etc). The amount of effort we put into weddings does not change depending on the amount of coverage you need— we pour our heart into this and you will receive photos which reflect that.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer discounts. Our work is difficult, time consuming, and uses up a lot of our energy. The price of your session includes much more than just the time we’re together at our session. It includes our time spent communicating before and after the session, our time and gas money traveling to and from the session, and editing photos afterwards. It also factors in the things needed to run the business itself, like equipment and licensing. We put our heart and soul into our photos and relationship with you, so we feel that offering a discount would be doing ourselves an injustice.

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Before the session

What do we wear?

We know this one can be stressful. We have a pre-session planning guide which includes some guidance on outfit choice. We’d love to help you more if you need advice!

What if there’s bad weather?

We watch the weather like hawks! We try to embrace whatever weather Mother Earth throws at us because some of our favorite sessions have been in the rain and snow. BUT if we know about some bad weather before our session happens, and we think it would be enough to make our session shitty (or ruin our gear!) we will work with you to reschedule to a later date. We do not offer refunds for bad weather during sessions.


After the session

How many pictures will we get?

We don’t like to give a specific cutoff number like many other photographers do. We believe that you deserve to have all the memories of your session and promise to give you plenty of photos of what we capture.

When will we get our photos?

Our turnaround time varies depending on things like how busy we are, how many sessions we have, and the holidays. We have a faster turnaround time than many photographers and generally get couples sessions sent out within three weeks and weddings within five. Again though, this could vary depending on a lot of things.

Will we get the unedited images?

As artists, we do not give our clients unedited or RAW images. We feel that this would be a misrepresentation of our brand and the hard work that goes into producing quality photos.

Can you photoshop us?

We’re firm believers in body positivity and only edit out things that are temporary (bruises, acne, etc). If you feel self conscious about something in particular, please let us know so we can be mindful of that when posing. We want you to feel your best!

Still have questions?